Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thanks Prashant, even I have got a blog!

I am yet to believe that I have got my own blog. I was introduced to blogging world by "Prashant", my husband. He has got a blog he loves to call "Pab's World" (PAB are his initials), which is focused on technology and his learnings. I follow his blog because I believe he is really good at it.

But the only issue is, he is always boasting about it, making me a little jealous :). I was wondering if I could write my own blog, but could not make up my mind as to what it would be. Should it be about not-so-exciting life in Seattle? Should it be about my complaints against Prashant?, which I thought was a good idea, I would never have to think about what to write :) :). But then it struck to me, the only passion three of us (my daughter "Sakshi", my husband, and I) share is food. I am crazy about cooking and prashant and sakshi about eating. So why not have a blog about food......

So here I am writing my first post, all thanks to Prashant. Hope my blog would be much more popular then his, so even I could say "I have got a blog!"


Prashant Bansode said...

Good Job Honey!!

Sunil Pawar said...

Nice one.

Are You From Aurangabad ??